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Business Incentives

December 2019 - We are currently gathering information to update and improve the information in this section of our website.  If you are thinking of moving your business to Buchanan, or starting a new business in the Redbud City, please contact City Manager, Bill Marx, at 269.695.3844 or City Zoning Administrator, Debra Patzer at 269.695.3844 x9.  We look forward to working with you.

Some of these programs are no longer available.  Please call City Hall if you have questions or need additional information about doing Business in the City.

Cities today must offer a credible package of incentives in order to remain competitive. Buchanan’s menu of incentives includes assistance for companies that are locating in the city, as well as those that choose to grow and expand here.

Industrial Property Tax Abatements

Industrial property tax abatements are used to spur renovation and expansion of aging manufacturing plants and new plant construction. They have recently been extended to high-tech companies.
Abatements are approved by the local units of government and issued by the state, reducing property tax on buildings, machinery and equipment by roughly 50% for new facilities and 100% for renovation projects. They are available for up to 12 years.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Michigan's brownfield law is designed to encourage and assist developers who want to return property to productive use more quickly and at a lower cost than before, while still protecting human health and natural resources. Owners and operators of contaminated sites are no longer required to pay for cleanup actions unless they caused the contamination. Flexible cleanup standards give developers the option of proposing a solution to historical contamination based on future use of the property.

Qualified businesses can now claim a credit against the SBT, provided the taxpayer has a pre-approval letter issued between December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2008 and the project is completed not more than five years after the letter is issued.

If the total of all credits for the project is $1 million or less, the credit is based on 10% of the eligible investment. If the total of all credits for the project is greater than $1 million but not more than $30 million, a credit is available for a percentage of eligible investment to be determined by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA), but not to exceed 10% of the eligible investment. Certain location restrictions apply to these credits.

MEGA High-Tech Job Creation Tax Credits

If you are an employer in electronics, communications, medical science and other high technology fields whose company devotes at least 25% of operating expenses to research and development, and you need a reason to expand or locate in Michigan rather than another state, you may be eligible for a high-tech job creation tax credit against the SBT. Each credit may be awarded for up to 20 years and for up to 100% of the tax related to the project.

These tax credits through MEGA (Michigan Economic Growth Authority) are designed to attract new, innovative and cutting-edge companies that specialize in new technologies. They are available to firms doing advanced computing, biotechnology, electronic device technology, engineering and laboratory testing related to product development, medical device technology, product research and development, advanced vehicle technology or technology that assists in the assessment or prevention of threats or damage to human health or the environment. 

MEGA tax credits are also available to companies creating good-paying jobs in manufacturing, R&D, wholesale trade and office operations that meet the criteria. 

Community Development Block Grants

Federal funds in the form of state-administered Community Development Block Grants can be used for road, water and sewer improvements necessary for a firm to locate or expand in an area. The amount of the grant depends on the number of jobs created and the amount of private investment.