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November 13 2017 Agenda

7:00 P.M.

I.     Call to Order                              

II.    Pledge of Allegiance – Invocation

III.   Roll Call  

IV.   Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any agenda item) 

V.    Consent Calendar:
        *A. Approve Agenda
        *B. Approve Minutes: Regular scheduled meeting, October 23, 2017
        *C. Approve Checks 75784 to 75915 in the amount of $218,196.30
         D. Excuse Commissioner Dale Toerne from Monday October 23, 2017 Meeting             
        *E. Approve Banner Placement request: Wesner Automotive, Annual Toy Drive
        *F. Approve Traffic Control Order #249; Yield sign at the intersection for East bound
             W Roe Street to yield at South Cayuga 
        *G. Approve exchange of damaged picnic table to Darla Willauer as she purchased
              a new one for the City in the amount of $1,046.00

VI.   Reports by: Departments, Committees, Boards
A.    Buchanan Youth Softball Baseball Association – Chris Kutemeier
B.    U.S. Congress Candidate of Southwest Michigan – Rick Eichholz

VII.  Unfinished Business
       *A. Consider Ordinance 2017.11/____, Amending the City of Buchanan Zoning 
             Ordinance; Article III-definitions and use of terms; Article X – C-2 Commercial
             District; Article XI C-3 Central Business District; Article XII I-1light Industrial
             District; Article XIII I-2 Heavy Industrial District; Article XVIII Special Provisions:
             Article XXIII Nonconforming uses, buildings and lots; Article XVII general

VIII. New Business
      *A. Consider to Accept or Reject the Deed to Parcel Number 11-58-0026-0001-00-0 
    From the County of Berrien
      *B.  Consider City of Buchanan, Medical Marihuana Facility Permit Application form  
      *C. Consider Bid Waiver in the amount of $7,679 and approve purchase of two new
             copy machines for City Hall from Parrett Company through receipt of quotes
              i. Approve Budget Amendment in the amount of $7,679 from the General Fund
       *D. Consider Purchase of HD14 Arctic Sectional Plow in the amount of $7,300 
             i. Approve Budget Amendment in the amount of $7,300 from Major Streets and
                Local Streets Funds
       E. Appoint Commission Member to be the representative on the DDA Board

IX.   Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any non-agenda item) 

X.    City Manager’s Comments

XI.   Commissioners’ Comments

XII.   Adjourn

*    Indicates backup materials attached

Buchanan City will provide necessary and reasonable auxiliary aide and services to those individuals with disabilities who wish to attend the public meeting upon receiving at least one (1) week’s prior notice. Any such individual requiring such aids or services should contact the city by writing or by telephoning the following: Buchanan City ADA Coordinator; 302 North Redbud Trail, Buchanan, MI 49107, 269-695-3844.

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