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July 24 2017 Minutes

 July 24, 2017
The regularly scheduled meeting of the City Commission was held at City Hall, 302 N Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan Monday, July 24, 2017 and was called to order by Mayor Hess at 7:00 p.m.
The Mayor led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pastor Nate Babcock gave the Invocation. 

Commissioners present:  Carla Cole, Brenda Hess, Patricia Moore, Dale Toerne, Daniel Vigansky                                        
Commissioners absent:    none
Staff present:                    City Manager Bill Marx, Fire Chief Mike Adams, and Clerk Gladys Bybee                               
Guests/Visitors present:   Brian Scribner, Executive Director Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Services (SMCAS) along with 6 visitors

Cole moved, seconded by Vigansky to approve the amended consent calendar as requested to include check 75198 in the amount of $4,500. and include a report from Fire Chief Mike Adams for the Fire Department. Roll call vote carried unanimously.
•    Agenda as amended
•    Minutes: Regular scheduled meeting, July 10, 2017
                    Special Meeting, July 17, 2017
•    Checks 75105 to 75198 in the amount of $424,714.82 as amended
Chief Adams announced Evan Cauffman was the new Firefighter Officer elected to Lieutenant along with Joe Scanlon III, Bob Blaylock Assistant Fire Chief and Captain Tim Wesner whom was in attendance.  He reported on the update/mandate for 800 MHz radios and pagers through County grant with 3 to 5 % match. He announced the Fire Dept. picnic and invited the Commission.

Marx explained the repair improvements that were necessary to the City Hall Air Conditioning.  Toerne moved, seconded by Cole to approve the Emergency Expenditure to repair City Hall Air Conditioning in the amount of $9,673.13.  Roll call vote carried unanimously.

Scribner and Marx explained the SMCAS funding structure for a special assessment that expired in December 2016. Commissioner’s discussion was shared about Medicare/ Medicaid write offs, changing the system and promoting the membership program.   Toerne moved, seconded by Cole to approve the resolution as presented.  Resolution No. 1, Intent to establish special assessment district; tentative designation of special assessment district; Notice of Public Hearing. Special Assessment District for emergency Medical Services through Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Service, District No. 1
WHEREAS, pursuant to Act 368 of 1978, as amended by Act 179 of 1990 (MCL 333.20948), a combination of local governmental units may operate an ambulance authority and defray, in whole or part, the cost of ambulance service by special assessment, with such special assessments conforming as nearly as possible to the procedure set forth in section 1 of Act 33 of 1951; and
WHEREAS, pursuant to Act 368 of 1978, as well as the Urban Cooperation Act, Act 7 of 1967, the City and other local governmental units have formed the Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Service (“SMCAS”), which provides ambulance services to the member municipalities and certain other municipalities pursuant to contracts ("Services"); and
WHEREAS, the costs of maintaining and operating SMCAS are shared by the local governmental units who are members of SMCAS, including the City, pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation of SMCAS; and 
WHEREAS, the City wishes to defray its share of the cost of operating SMCAS by establishing a special assessment district pursuant to Act 368 of 1978, as amended by Act 179 of 1990; and 

WHEREAS, the City finds that initiating proceedings to establish such a special assessment district is in the best interest of the public health, safety, and welfare. 
The City Council determines to defray its share of the cost of maintaining and operating SMCAS, in whole or part, by special assessment.    
The City Council tentatively designates the special assessment district (“District”) against which the cost will be assessed as all residential units, commercial parcels, industrial parcels, and agricultural parcels within the City, unless such lands and premises are exempt by law from paying special assessments.  "Residential unit" includes each unit in multiple family dwellings, apartments, condominiums and townhouses, and includes each pad in a mobile home or manufactured housing community.  
The estimated cost shall be $20.00 per year for each assessed parcel or unit in the District.  
The City tentatively proposes that the District remain in effect for a period of five (5) years.    
If at any time during the term of the District an actual incremental cost increase exceeds the estimate therefor by 10% or more, notice shall be given and a hearing will be afforded to the record owners of property to be assessed. 
The City Council shall hold a public hearing on August 28, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall to hear and consider objections to the creation of the District and the estimated cost for each parcel in the District.  
The City Council directs the City Clerk to give notice of the time, date and purpose of the hearing, by first class mail, to each record owner of, or party-in-interest in, real property within the City whose name appears upon the last City tax assessment records, at least two (2) weeks before the date of the hearing in the form substantially similar to Exhibit A, attached to this Resolution.  In addition, notice shall also be published in the same form at least twice before the hearing in a newspaper circulating in the City.  The first publication shall be at least two (2) weeks before the date of the hearing, and the second publication shall be at least four (4) days before the date of the hearing.
Following the public hearing, the City Council may revise, correct, amend or change the plans, estimate of cost, or boundaries of the special assessment district.
Any and all resolutions in conflict with this Resolution are hereby repealed, but only to the extent necessary to give this Resolution full force and effect.  
Roll call vote carried unanimously.  Resolution 2017.07/157 declared adopted.

Norma Ferris stated her concern of the wind blowing the “Vote Here” sign down at City Hall on Election Day.

City Managers comments included explanation of Thrill on the Hill activities with a map rendering of the event’s location; National Night Out, repairing sink hole behind James Jesse’s office in the City parking lot; and working with School as we are the benefactor of their old pavement, grading and crushed asphalt going in our alleys.  All shared discussions.  
Commissioner’s announced upcoming events; receipt of nice comments about the Alley repair; meeting with City of Mattson Illinois on August 21; Senior Center August 2 “Get to know your Commissioner” taking questions and bring back to staff; interesting conversation with Meals on Wheels; Thanks to Fire and Ambulance; Children’s Play at the Tin Shop Theatre, Common Concert delayed to August 3rd; Friends of Oakridge Cemetery had interesting meeting at the Masonic Lodge and seen archives; 10-12 people from the Preservation Society interested in Tree Board; Make a Difference in Buchanan having work days cleaning Riverfront Park off of Redbud Trail; and WNIT broadcast “Our Town Buchanan”, exceeded expectation to raise $2,500 ($6,245).  
Moore moved, seconded by Vigansky to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Voice vote carried unanimously.

_________________________                 _____________________________________
Gladys M. Bybee, City Clerk                       Brenda J Hess, Mayor

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