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October 12 2009 Minutes

October 12, 2009

The regular meeting of the City Commission was held at City Hall, 302 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan, Monday, October 12, 2009.  Mayor Clark called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge was recited by all in attendance.  No Invocation was heard.

Commissioner Norton read the biography and the Mayor presented the Citizen Appreciation Recognition Award to Jerry Flenar.

Commissioners present:  Barbara Clark, Carla Cole, Patricia Moore, William Norton, Warren Weaver
Commissioners absent:   None
Staff present:              Police Chief Bill Marx and City Clerk Gladys Bybee
Guests/Visitors present:  8 visitors
Moore moved, seconded by Cole to approve the Consent Calendar as presented. Roll call vote carried unanimous.
• Agenda
• Minutes: Regular Meeting September 28, 2009
• Checks 58135 to 58215 in the amount of $194,944.34
• Banner Placement Form for Faith United Methodist Women Sister Circle
• Street Closure Request: Front Street from Moose Lodge to Redbud; Redbud to Chicago; Chicago to Football Field for High School Homecoming Parade 

Chief Marx explained the Police/Code Enforcement Department written report while all reviewed. Discussion was shared and the Chief commended for crime being down.

After a brief summary from the City Clerk and Commissioner deliberation, Norton moved, seconded by Moore to approve the Construction Board of Appeals Procedures Amendment with a $200.00 filing fee and $20.00 compensation to each member.  Roll call vote carried unanimous. 

Chief reported the boiler breakdown and failure to pass inspection at the Police Department.  He explained the quotes he received to repair and/or replace the unit while Commissioners reviewed.  After shared discussion, Chief recommended the Hickok quote for repair of the existing boiler and annual maintenance.  Weaver moved, seconded by Cole to approve the quote from Hickok Plumbing & Heating to repair the Boiler at the Police Department in the amount of $6,636.44.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.

Weaver reported that he spoke with Public Services Director Willie Brown about the Limb and Brush Pick-up and clarified the size to be about a pick-up bed load and discussion was shared.  A motion was made by Weaver and seconded by Cole, and as amended, the motion was that brush collection be in a 6’ by 6’ by 10’ pile on the tree lawn; would be the same for storm damage; accumulation larger than that would remain on the property for the property owner to take care of or if left it would qualify a nuisance; and four inch diameter of branches or limbs only.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.

No City Manager comments were heard due to absence.

Commissioners’ comments were heard.

Moore moved, seconded by Weaver to go into closed session at 7:50 p.m. to review the September 28, 2009 Closed Session Minutes. Roll call vote carried unanimous.

The Mayor reconvened the regular meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Norton moved, seconded by Weaver to approve the September 28, 2009 Closed Session Minutes as reviewed in closed session.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.

Cole moved, seconded by Weaver to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m.

_____________________________                ____________________________
Gladys M. Bybee, CMC-City Clerk                     Barbara J. Clark, Mayor

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