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November 9 2009 Minutes

November 9, 2009

The regular meeting of the City Commission was held at the Buchanan Art Center, 117 W. Front Street, Buchanan, Michigan, Monday, November 9, 2009.  Mayor Clark called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge was recited by all in attendance.  No Invocation was heard.

Commissioner Moore read the biography and the Mayor presented the Citizen Appreciation Recognition Award to Mary Lister.

Commissioners present:  Barbara Clark, Carla Cole, Patricia Moore, William Norton
Commissioners absent:   Warren Weaver
Staff present:              City Manager Meg Mullendore, Treasurer Juli O’Bryant and Clerk Gladys Bybee
Guests/Visitors present:  Buchanan Art Center President Mary Lister, Plante-Moran Auditor Kenley Penner along with 13 visitors

Norton moved, seconded by Cole to amend the October 26th minutes to read:  After Commission deliberation and amendment, Weaver moved, seconded by Norton that the cats must leave City Hall by December 15th and only service animals be allowed to stay at to be in City Hall.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.

Norton moved, seconded by Cole to approve the Consent Calendar as amended. Roll call vote carried unanimous.
• Agenda
• Minutes: Regular Meeting October 26, 2009 as amended
• Checks 58294 to 58389 in the amount of $215,138.56

Art Center President Mary Lister announced their five year anniversary and that the three galleries are booked through 2012. She explained increases in participation and visitors, funding endowment for the gift shop and the Roti Roti Gallery along with receipt of a $10,000 grant. She thanked all for support and announced upcoming events/fundraisers.

The Treasurer gave a full report on tax cycles, dog licenses and different ways for customers to pay their utilities.  She announced reduction in revenue sharing but commented that the Auditors would report later in the meeting.    

Penner distributed and explained Board Presentation for 2008-2009 Fiscal Year Financial Audit Report while all reviewed. He summarized the Annual Report and commended the Commission on a Clean Audit. He went through “Reports to City Commission” and congratulated them on their fiscal responsibility.

After explanation from the City Manager and shared discussion, Cole moved, seconded by Norton to authorize the City Manager to enter into Agreement with Plante Moran to provide State mandated audit for Buchanan Dial-A-Ride. Roll call vote carried unanimous.

The City Manager explained the development of an Advisory Committee on the Improvement of Buchanan’s McCoy’s Creek Watershed Committee as all reviewed the proposal.  After shared discussion, Cole moved, seconded by Moore to create the Advisory Committee on the Improvement of Buchanan’s McCoy’s Creek Watershed, falling under the direction of the City Manager to assist in efforts of Remediation & Improvement of both McCoy’s Creek & the Mill Race as recommended. Roll call vote carried unanimous.

After explanation from the Clerk, Cole moved, seconded by Norton to approve the Resolution as presented.  Updating Records Management Handbook Guidelines and Approved Retention and Disposal Schedule for Cities and Villages
WHEREAS, Public records are the property of the people of the State of Michigan. As a result, Michigan government agencies are responsible for ensuring that the public records they create and receive while conducting public business are retained and destroyed in accordance with Michigan law; Public Act 271 of 1913, as amended (MCL 399.5 and 399.10), the “Historical Commission Act”; and
WHEREAS, the City of Buchanan currently utilizes the Records Management Handbook printed by the Michigan Municipal League revised in March 1998; and
WHEREAS, the State of Michigan Department of Management & Budget, Records Management Services approved the updated version October 1, 2009.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Buchanan City Commission hereby adopts the “State of Michigan Records Management Manual for Local Governments”, General Record Retention and Disposal Schedule #8 excluding Section Two: Airport; Section Eight: District Court, and Section Eleven: City Income Tax Office.
Roll call vote carried unanimous. Resolution 2009.11/29 declared adopted.

City Manager comments were heard.

Commissioners’ comments were heard.

Cole moved, seconded by Norton to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m.

____________________________                               ____________________________
Gladys M. Bybee, CMC-City Clerk                                 Barbara J. Clark, Mayor

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