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June 8 2009 Agenda

MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2009

Invite and hear public comments at which time interested parties are invited to express public comments concerning the distribution of the FY 2009-2010 Southwesterm Michigan Community Ambulance Services (SMCAS) Special Assessment Levy and proposed SMCAS budget for fiscal year 2009-2010, which includes the special assessment in the amount $20.00 per dwelling.

Monday, June 8, 2009 
7:00 P.M.

I.     Call to Order 
II.    Pledge of Allegiance – Invocation

 A.  Citizen Appreciation Recognition Award – Don Holmes

III.   Roll Call  
IV.   Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any agenda item)

V.    Consent Calendar:
  A.  Approve Agenda
*B.  Approve Minutes: Regular Meeting May 26, 2009.
*C.  Approve Checks 57337 to 57415 in the amount of $235,693.39.
*D.  Approve Banner Placement for the period from July 1, 2009 through July 19, 2009 for Michiana Cruisers Car Show. 
 E.   Re-Appoint Carla Cole for a 3-year term expiring in 2012 to the Joint Water and Sewer Board.
 F.   Re-appoint Michael Terrell and Jim Toth for a 3-year term expiring in 2012 to the Buchanan Area Recreation Board.
 G.   Re-appoint Richard Wonacott for a 3-year term expiring in 2012 to the Plan Commission.
 H.   Re-appoint James Desenberg to a 3-year term expiring 2012 to the Zoning Board of    Appeals.
*I.   Departmental Request for Budget Amendment
VI.   Reports by: Departments, Committees, Boards
 A.  Redbud Area Ministries – Roy Mark, President

VII.  Unfinished Business
*A.  Approve Resolution 2009.06/____, A Resolution of the City of Buchanan, County of Berrien, State of Michigan approving the 2009-2010 Southwesterm Michigan Community Ambulance Service (SMCAS) Budget and Special Assessment.
*B.  Approve Resolution 2009.06/____, Authorizing the City Manager and City Treasurer to sign the Revised Project Authorization No. Z3/R1 for Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Project No. 105201 under Master Agreement 2007-0181 for FY 2009 Section 5311 Operating.
*C.   Consider bid award for the City of Buchanan Wastewater Treatment Plant Roof Replacement.

VIII. New Business

IX.    Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any non agenda Item)

X.     City Manager’s Comments

XI.   Commissioners’ Comments

 A.  Review May 26, 2009 Closed Session Minutes for 15.268 Sec.8. (d) To consider the purchase or lease of real property up to the time an option to purchase or lease that real property is obtained; and15.268 Sec.8. (e) To consult with its attorney regarding trial or settlement  strategy in connection with specific pending litigation, but only if an open meeting would have a detrimental financial effect of the litigating or settlement position of the public body.
XIII.  Adjourn

*    Indicates backup materials attached

Said Meetings are accessible. Persons requiring auxiliary aides and services or other accommodations should contact the City, by one week’s prior notice in writing or by telephone.

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