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April 27 2009 Agenda

AMENDED April 27, 2009,11:00 A.M.

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009 
7:00 P.M.

I.     Call to Order 
II.    Pledge of Allegiance – Invocation

III.   Roll Call  
IV.   Public Comments 
(Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any agenda item)

V.    Consent Calendar:
 A. Approve Agenda
*B. Approve Minutes: Regular Meeting April 13, 2009
*C. Approve Checks 57075 to 57146 in the amount of $111,536.84
*D. Approve Resolution 2009.04/___, Resolution on the Spending of Federal Economic Renewal Grants to the City of Buchanan  
*E. Resolution 2009.04/____, Removing a Member from the Farmers’ Market Board and Appointing a New Member
*F. Accept resignation of Valerie Phillips from the DDA Board

VI.   Reports by: Departments, Committees, Boards
A. Police/Code Enforcement Department – Chief Bill Marx
B. Treasurer Department – Juli O’Bryant
C. Well Update on Water Project – Kenton McAndrew, Abonmarche

VII.  Unfinished Business
*A. Resolution 2009.04/____, A Resolution for the City of Buchanan to Adopt a Budget for the City of Buchanan for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

VIII. New Business
*A. Consider Authorization for private citizen to remove tree on City property
*B.  Resolution 2009.04/27/____, Supporting the Downtown Development Authority’s Application to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s Michigan Main Street Associate Level Program – Debra Patzer

IX.    Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any non agenda Item)

X.     City Manager’s Comments

XI.   Commissioners’ Comments

XII.  CLOSED SESSION – 15.268 Sec. 8. (d) To consider the purchase or lease of real property up to the time an option to purchase or lease that real property is obtained.

15.268 Sec.8.(a) To consider a periodic personnel evaluation of, a public officer, employee, staff member, or individual agent, if the named person requests a closed hearing.

XIII. Adjourn

*    Indicates backup materials attached

Said Meetings are accessible. Persons requiring auxiliary aides and services or other accommodations should contact the City, by one week’s prior notice in writing or by telephone.

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