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September 25 2006 Minutes

September 25, 2006 

A regular meeting of the City Commission was held at City Hall, 302 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan Monday, September 25th and called to order by Mayor Scanlon at 8:00 p.m. 

All in attendance recited the Pledge. Reverend Sean Kidd, Buchanan Christian Church gave the Invocation. 

Commissioners present: David Hagey, Patricia Moore, MarLon McGuire, and Earl Scanlon III 
Commissioner absent: Alberta Arbanas 
Staff present: City Manager Meg Mullendore and City Clerk Gladys Bybee 
Guests/Visitors present: There were 18 visitors present, including 2 reporters 

Moore moved, seconded by Hagey to amend the Consent Calendar by including check #51191 to Metropolitan Title Company in the amount of $225,235.00 to purchase the Golden Farms Building (304 N. Redbud Trail) and add to the Agenda, under Unfinished Business, lease property from DDA that the Farmers? Market structure is built on. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

Moore moved, seconded by Hagey to approve the Consent Calendar as amended. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

  • Agenda as amended 
  • Minutes: Regular Meeting September 11, 2006 
  • Checks 51072 to 51191 in the amount of $423,062.76 
  • Resolution 2006.09/29, Resolution to Support the Housing Resource Network of Southwest Michigan?s Plan to End Homelessness in the Next Decade (attached as part of this record) 

WHEREAS, every day there are men, women and children in Berrien County who do not have a place they can call home; and 
WHEREAS, Berrien County should not ignore homeless people in our community; and 
WHEREAS, over the course of one month, 671 people have experienced homelessness in Berrien County; and 
WHEREAS, treating people who have already become homeless is far more expensive than preventing homelessness; and 
WHEREAS, the Housing Resource Network, composed of over 50 local public and non-profit providers of services, has developed a plan to end homelessness in Berrien county; and 
WHEREAS, the plan focuses on treating the causes of homelessness, and provides opportunities for unprecedented collaboration between the private, public and non-profit spheres; and 
WHEREAS, City of Buchanan is dedicated to ending homelessness in this community. 
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board endorses and supports the Housing Resource Network of Southwest Michigan?s Plan to End Homelessness in the next Decade. 
RESOLUTION DECLARED ADOPTED this 25th day of September 2006. 
?Resolution 2006.09/30, Resolution to Approve the Settlement Agreement Entered Into Between Ed Siedenstrang and the City of Buchanan 
BE IT RESOLVED, the Buchanan City Commission approves the Settlement Agreement entered into between Ed Siedenstrang and the City of Buchanan, dated September 13, 2006; and 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Buchanan agrees to pay Ed Siedenstrang the sum of $4,706.00, representing thirteen (13) weeks of unemployment benefits at a weekly benefit rate of $362.00. The City of Buchanan shall pay the sum of $4,706.00 no later than September 26, 2006. 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in exchange for the above payment, Ed Siedenstrang will withdraw his request for hearing before the Administrative Law Judge of the Division of Unemployment Appeals. Ed Siedenstrang also agreed to pay six (6) weeks of restitution totaling $2,172.00 to the Unemployment Agency directly upon receipt of a notice of restitution from the Agency. 
RESOLUTION DECLARED ADOPTED this 25th day of September 2006. 
?Budget Amendment, General Fund; City Manager Relocation/Recruitment, $2,000.00 

Mullendore reported that more repairs were needed to Well Pump #4A as described in the bid waiver and fax from the Water Department in the amount of $12,875.00. After brief discussion, Moore moved, seconded by Hagey to approve the bid waiver, due to sole source to Peerless-Midwest, Inc. in the amount of $12,875. Roll call vote carried by majority. YEA: Hagey, Moore, Scanlon. NAY: McGuire.

Mullendore reported that Lease Agreement with the DDA for the property that the Farmers? Market structure is built on will be considered at the October DDA Meeting and brought forth at the first Commission meeting in October. Commissioners concurred that no document changes were needed. 

Executive Director Dick Proud explained that Phase II (Tin Shop to the Athletic Field) was ready to begin and recommended approval of the contract award. Discussion was shared with Commission, City Manager, and Proud. Hagey moved, seconded by Moore to approve Abonmarche for Engineering and Surveying work for Phase II McCoy Creek Trail Extension for Friends of McCoy Creek Trail not to exceed $14,000. Roll call vote carried unanimous. Noted that six (6) responses were received from the Request for Proposal.

Mullendore explained that the Dial-A-Ride Contract was scheduled to expire and she was working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) on a Request for Proposal (RFP) and recommended extension of the current contract. Moore moved, seconded by McGuire to approve the contract extension with Transportational Management, Inc. (TMI) through December 31st, 2006. Roll call vote carried unanimous.

Mullendore reported patching and resurfacing with three bids received and two received after deadline. After explanation and shared discussion, McGuire moved, seconded by Moore to award the Asphalt Bid for Street Repairs to Chorba Construction in the amount of $35,484.00. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

After announcement from Mullendore and explanation from Proud, Moore moved, seconded by McGuire to award the Asphalt Bid for McCoy Creek Trail Project Segment V to Chorba Construction for a not-to-exceed price of $32,000.00 as recommended by the Trail Committee. Roll call vote carried unanimously. Proud thanked the Commission for their support and commended the Public Services Director, and introduced all the McCoy?s Creek Trail members in attendance.

Commission requested information from Chief Marx on Resolution 2006.9/31, Transfer Ownership 2006 Class C, with Dance-Entertainment Permit, from Brett E. Pointer at 215 E. Front St. Mullendore explained the purchasers are local and wish to turn into an eatery/pub. Upon favorable recommendation from Chief Marx, McGuire moved, seconded by Hagey to approve the resolution as presented. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

Alice Hopkins invited all to Senior Center October 10th at 6:30 p.m. for "Meet the County and State Candidates" and October 24th for "Meet the City Commissioner Candidates". 

Carla Cole reported that a resident had a sewer backup in her basement and would like an emergency telephone number advised. Announcements will be posted. 

Lyle Sumerix invited Commissioners to the dedication on October 1st at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Memorial to early settlers moved from Kathryn Park Cemetery. 

Stella Proud was concerned about the Buchanan Farmers' Market being different from the Niles French Market. Discussion shared. 

Member of Trail Committee asked about the Farmers' Market stalls being turned around to be more inviting and recommended expansion of including other marketable items. Discussion shared with Commission/Manager. 

Dick Proud invited City Commissioners to Trail Dinner Dance. 

Mullendore commented: 

  • Police Department update?receipt of cash money from drug bust, current Kevlar vests, lighting strike at the Ross-Sanders building affecting Police/Building Department computers and telephone. 
  • Leaving for MML Conference and available by phone. Also contact Rick, Juli, Warren, or Bill if they can help answer any questions or concern. 

Moore commented: 

  • Congratulations to Friends of Oak Ridge 
  • Congratulations to the Trail Committee 
  • McGuire commented: 
  • Congratulations to Mullendore on her homeownership 
  • Great football weekend 

Hagey commented: 

  • Commended Mullendore and welcomed City Clerk 
  • Congratulations to Friends of Oak Ridge 
  • Keep an eye out for each other for acts of vandalism 

Scanlon commented: 

  • Commended and congratulated the Trail Committee for their hard work 
  • Urged attendance and support on October 28th for the Halloween Parade (Senior Center to Legion) 
  • Congratulated Friends of Oak Ridge 

Hagey moved, seconded by McGuire to go into Closed Session at 9:10 p.m. to give the City Manager Evaluation. Roll call vote carried unanimous. 
The Mayor reconvened the meeting at 10:04 p.m. with no action taken in closed session.

Hagey moved, seconded by McGuire to approve a 5% pay increase and $5,400 car allowance for City Manager per the adequate City Manager evaluation as reviewed during closed session. Roll call vote carried unanimous.

Hagey moved, seconded by McGuire to adjourn the meeting at 10:07 p.m. Voice vote carried unanimous.

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