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March 13 2006 Agenda

MONDAY MARCH 13, 2006 AT 8:00 P.M. 

PUBLIC HEARING - Call to Order 
Invite and hear comments concerning the outcome of the "Teen Center" located at 114 N. Oak Street. 

Invite and hear comments regarding the City of Buchanan to assume responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the floodplain Management provisions of the Michigan Building Code 

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance - Invocation
A. Citizen Appreciation Recognition Award 

Roll Call

Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any agenda item) 

Consent Calendar:
A. Approve Agenda 
B. Approve Minutes: Regular Meeting February 27 ~ Work Session Meeting March 7 
C. Approve Checks 49815 to 49905 in the amount of $300,306.70 
D. Approve increase for the rental fees at Centennial Park from $50. to $75. & increase the rental fees at Ravish Park from $25. to $50. 
E. Resolution 2006.03/___, Manage floodplain development for the National Flood Insurance Program 
F. Resolution 2006.03/___, Intent for participating in the National Flood Insurance Program 
G. Budget Amendment and resolution to record transfer from Andrews Farm TIF to General Fund for administrative fees due to General Fund from 1985 to current year 
H. Resolution 2006.03/___, Urging the State to support local economic development and increase statutory revenue sharing 

Reports by: Departments, Committees, Boards
A. Fire and Building Department- Warren Weaver 

Unfinished Business
A. Consider property exchange on the undeveloped portion of Elizabeth Street; lot 20 belonging to the City for lot 18 
B. Gene Wesner claim against the City for damage done to window 
C. Ordinance 2006.03/_____, State Construction Code for Floodplain Management Provisions 
D. Consider rescinding motion from June 10, 2002 concerning program income, bid waiver and ward proposals for Homeowner Rehabilitation II - Gladys Bybee 
i. Use of remaining funds in 2002 Rental Rehabilitation program 
ii. Bid Waiver to expend funds over $1,000. per Charter Section 9.10 
iii. Approve rehabilitation proposals on 5 units from the 2001 Homeowner Rehab Program 

New Business
A. Consider request from C-Saw to conclude its lease agreement early and complete the purchase agreement for 101 W. Smith Street 

Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to two (2) minutes to discuss any non agenda Item) 

City Manager's Comments

Commissioners' Comments

CLOSED SESSION - City Manager Evaluation 


Said Meetings are accessible. Persons requiring auxiliary aides and services or other accommodations should contact the City, by one week's prior notice in writing or by telephone.

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