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July 10 2006 Minutes

JULY 10, 2006
A regular meeting of the City Commission was held at City Hall, 302 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan Monday, July 10th and called to order by Mayor Scanlon at 8:00 p.m. 
All in attendance recited the Pledge. Reverend Tom Fox, Portage Prairie UMC gave the Invocation.

The Mayor introduced Kyle Whittaker and presented him with a Certificate of Recognition for his two years of service to Public Broadcasting Channel 99.
Commissioners present: Alberta Arbanas, David Hagey, Marlon McGuire, Patricia Moore, Earl Scanlon III  
Commissioner absent:   none
Staff present included City Manager Meg Mullendore, Assessor Gordon Schreiber, and Clerk Gladys Bybee
Guests/Visitors present: Transportation Management Inc. (TMI) President Tom Sinn and Administrative Assistant Kim O’Haver and  9 visitors present including 1 reporter

Arbanas moved, seconded by Moore to remove the Mail Box Replacement Policy Approval from the Consent Calendar and place it under Unfinished Business.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.  Moore moved, seconded by Arbanas to approve the Consent Calendar as amended.  Roll call vote unanimous.
• Agenda as amended
• Minutes: Regular Meeting June 26, 2006 
• Checks 50547 to 50630 in the amount of $57,345.54
• Street Closure: Front Street between Days Avenue and Main Street
• Appointment of Joan Renbarger to be cross seated on the DDA/TIFA 
Schreiber explained the previous Board of Review meetings and commended the members on that board.  He noted corrections, sold and new construction to properties being verified; working with Greg Milliken from McKenna & Associates on updating the Downtown TIF District; and ongoing tax appeal with SEMCO Gas Company.  Questions were shared between Commission and Schreiber.

Mullendore summarized that in past years the City absorbed costly replacement of private mailboxes during the winter months and recommended due diligence prior to expending funds unnecessarily (thus the reason for the current policy formulated prior to her arrival in Buchanan).  After discussion, Arbanas moved, seconded by McGuire to table approval of the Mail Box Replacement Policy to a future meeting with a more understandable document edited by the City Manager. Roll call vote carried unanimous.

TMI President Tom Sinn introduced Manager Kim O’Haver to report on the Buchanan Dial-A-Ride (DAR) millage renewal request.  O’Haver explained the DAR annual operating budget and the possibility of a shortfall in 2007. Thus, the request to ask the electors for an increase of up to 1 mill.  After shared discussion, Hagey moved, seconded by Moore to approve the resolution as presented.  
WHEREAS,  Dial-A-Ride provides a necessary service to the citizens of the
City of Buchanan; and
WHEREAS,  the City of Buchanan has contracted with Transportation Management, Inc., to operate the City's Dial-A-Ride program which has been proven successful during the past years; and
WHEREAS,  a Dial-A-Ride millage renewal is necessary to meet the local share portion of the annual operating budget; and
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Buchanan City Commission to place
a proposition on the November 2006 Election Ballot to read:
         Shall the City of Buchanan renew and levy up to one dollar ($1.00) per
                      thousand dollars ($1,000.00) [1.00 mills] on the taxable value of all real                           
                      and personal property of the City of Buchanan to support its local share of
                      the "Dial-A-Ride" Bus System, more properly known as the Dial-A-Ride
                      Transportation System, under UMTA Section 5, Federal Transportation
                      Act of 1978, the general transportation fund program, and Act 327 of the
                      P.A. of 1972, as amended, of the State of Michigan, for a period of three
                      (3) consecutive years, to be levied in 2007, 2008, and 2009. The
                      estimated amount of revenue that will be collected in the first calendar
                      year will be approximately $80,993.  This millage would not apply against
                      the authorized twenty (20) mill limit for assessed value of real and
                      personal property of the City of Buchanan.
                                    0YES  0NO
Roll call vote unanimous. Resolution 2006.7/22 declared adopted on July 10, 2006.
After explanation and recommendation from Mullendore, Moore moved, seconded by Arbanas to approve the Social Security Policy as required by Michigan Social Security Number Privacy Act. Roll call vote unanimous.

Mullendore explained the Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculation form distributed in reference to the $1,000 expenditure stipulation in the City Charter Chapter 9, Section 9.10; Purchasing Procedure (from 1949).  After hearing commissioner opinion’s, Hagey moved seconded by McGuire to amend the proposal language to include a $5,000 limit and table the resolution placing the proposal on the November ballot to the July 24, 2006 City Commission Meeting.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.

After shared discussion between Commission, City Manager and Clerk, Hagey moved, seconded by McGuire to deny the resolution requesting a Charter Amendment  to change Chapter 4, Section 4; Election of Mayor to every year.  Roll call carried unanimous.

Mullendore commented: 
• Discussion/opinions shared between Manager and Commission regarding the written sample language for a “Bumpin Ordinance” 
• Discussion/opinions shared between Manager and Commission regarding a forthcoming “Animal Leash Ordinance”
• Secured the purchase of residential property (to invest in the neighborhood), at 314 Arctic to rehabilitate for resale. Discussion shared.
• Thanked Police Officer’s for going above and beyond as written by a private citizen
• Noted upcoming event dates/times.

Arbanas commented:
• Alerted public to placement of stop sign installed at Chicago and N. Detroit Street
• Thanks to Buchanan businesses for supporting Buchanan Fest
• Thanks to Redbud Track & Trail for involving the local groups/organization to raise funds 
Moore commented:
• Congratulations to Kyle for his hard work
• Congratulations to the Police Officer’s for going above and beyond
• Urged youth and parents of skateboarders to use protective safety gear 
McGuire commented:
• Thanks to Redbud Track & Trail for assisting community
• Noted upcoming event dates/times and urged participation
Hagey commented:
• Commendation to the Police Officer’s
• Thanks to distributor of the American Flags placed in yards lining the City Streets
Scanlon commented:
• Thanks and best wishes to Kyle and welcome Donald Taylor
• Urged involvement with Buchanan Fest
• Thanks to Police Officer’s

Moore moved, seconded by McGuire to go into Closed Session at 9:29 p.m. to review minutes from June 12, 2006 closed session for purchase or lease of property. Voice vote carried unanimous.
The Mayor reconvened the meeting at 9:31 with no decisions made in closed session.
Hagey moved, seconded by McGuire to approve June 12, 2006 closed session minutes as reviewed in closed session.  Roll call vote carried unanimous.

Hagey moved seconded by McGuire to adjourn the meeting at 9:32 p.m. Voice vote carried.

____________________________              _____________________________
Gladys M. Bybee, CMC-City Clerk                 Earl J. Scanlon III, Mayor

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