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Common Committee

Charged with programming arts-related events at the Common. In order to ease the logistics of co-promotion, the Common Committee will finalize its programming schedule for the summer of a given year by February of that same year, commensurate with the Buchanan Fine Arts Council. The aim of programming efforts by the Common Committee should be to seek diverse schedule reflecting a broad base of interests in the community.

Number of Members: 9 (5 of which must be from the City)
Term: 4 years
Meetings: First Thursday of each month, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall

Current Members:

  • Patricia Moore
    City Commissioner
  • Sarah Gault
    City Representative
    Term ends 2018
  • Beth Chubb, Chair
    Term ends 2019
  • Brian Fisher
    At Large
    Term ends 2019
  • J. David VanDyke
    City Representative
    Term ends 2019
  • Dave Perez
    School District Representative
    Term ends 2020


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