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Medical and Adult Use Marijuana Information

Before beginning the application process, please contact Rich Murphy, the City of Buchanan's Community Development Director / Zoning Administrator at rmurphy@cityofbuchanan.com or 269.695.3844 x 19. 



Ordinance 2017.07/404 - Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance Amendment 2017.11/405 - Medical Marijuana

Facility Permit Application - Medical Marijuana

Special Use Application - Medical Marijuana

Facility Permit Renewal Form - Medical Marijuana

What is the status of Medical Marijuana Applications in the City of Buchanan?  Please see this document:  Medical Marijuana Permit Application Status Chart as of November 4, 2019



Planning Commission Dates and Packet Submittal Deadlines

Ordinance 2019.10/413 - Adult Use Marijuana Ordinance - Approved 11-28-2019

Zoning Ordinance Amendment 2019.11/414 - Adult Use Marijuana - Approved 11-25-2019

Land Development Application - See Article XX Special Uses, and Article XXII Site Plan Review for Information

Establishment Permit Application Form - Adult Use Marijuana

Adult Use Permit Fees - Resolution 2019.10/197 - Approved 10-28-2019

Adult Marijuana Establishment Permit Application - Adult Use Marijuana - Approved 11-25-2019