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Leaf Pickup

Leaf Collection Route – ENDS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, December 7, 2017:

The City will continue to follow the pattern listed below starting with Route 1 later this afternoon or Friday morning, December 1st.  The City crews have made several trips around each route in the past four weeks.

DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO THE STREET....please place them in the tree lawn.

There are 26 miles of City streets and most require leaves to be picked up from both sides of the particular street. Thank you for participating in the public service.


Leaf Collection Route:

1. Chippewa (westside) Street- Remus, Lake (Northern part), Harlan, Detroit (Northern part)

2. Chippewa (eastside) Street- N. Cayuga, N. Detroit, N. Lake, Moccasin (All), N. Oak, Main Street, Short Street.

3. Dewey, Third (south side)- Ottawa and Ottawa Ridge, Miller, McCumber, Third (north side) & Fourth & Fifth Street.

4. W. Front Street- Colonial Ct, W. Roe, S. Cayuga, Willow, Polis, Glaser, Hillview, Hill Street and Terre Coupe.

5. Smith Street to Redbud-  Rynearson, Claremont, Liberty, Cecil, Sylvan, Berrien, Smith, Carol, E. Chicago.

6. Schirmer Parkway- River, Moravia, Michigan, Victory, Commercial, Enterprise, Fulton, Arctic, Elizabeth, Bluff & Richards.

7. N. Redbud & S. Redbud- Jordon, Marble, Alexander, Central Ct, Days, S. Oak, W. Chicago, S. Detroit, Maple Whitman, Theoda and Charles Court.