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Leaf Collection

October 29, 2018, the City of Buchanan will begin leaf collection.  As always, place leaves on your tree-lawn and we will make them ready for pick up. Follow Facebook, and we will keep you posted on our location and direction we are heading in.  I’ve provided our route, and it is not all inclusive.  It will however, provide you with information when we are in your neighborhood.  Our hope is to complete 4-passes in front of each home.  Last season netted 3,620 cubic yards of compressed leaves, from Oct. 30, 2017 – Dec. 7, 2017, when we stopped because of snow.  Weather conditions, break downs and volume will control how fast we move.  Additionally, you may see us working in our parks prior to our start date.


Leaf Collection Route:

Chippewa (westside) Street-  Remus, Lake (Northern part), Harlan, Detroit (Northern part)

Chippewa (eastside) Street-   N. Cayuga, N. Detroit, N. Lake, Moccasin (All), N. Oak, Main Street, Short Street.

Dewey, Third (south side)-     Ottawa and Ottawa Ridge, Miller, McCumber, Third (north side) & Fourth & Fifth Street.      

W. Front Street-                     Colonial Ct, W. Roe, S. Cayuga, Willow, Polis, Glaser, Hillview, Hill Street and Terre Coupe.

Smith Street to Redbud-        Rynearson, Claremont, Liberty, Cecil, Sylvan, Berrien, Smith, Carol, E. Chicago.

Schirmer Parkway-                River, Moravia, Michigan, Victory, Commercial, Enterprise, Fulton, Arctic, Elizabeth, Bluff & Richards.

N. Redbud & S. Redbud-       Jordon, Marble, Alexander, Central Ct, Days, S. Oak, W. Chicago, S. Detroit, Maple Whitman, Theoda and Charles Court