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City Treasurer Job Opportunity (FILLED)

The City of Buchanan is accepting applicants for the position of City Treasurer.  Interested applicants should submit a cover letter with a resume to: Buchanan City Hall, ATTN: City Manager, William Marx, 302 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan, 49107, by 4PM on Monday, Jun 15, 2020.

Under general direction of the City Commission and Manager, the City Treasurer is responsible for the management and monitoring of city funds, including maintaining the accounting system and records to readily reflect the financial condition of the city. Responsibilities include the oversight of budgeting, financial planning, accounting operations, investments and financial reporting. City funds managed by the City Treasurer include the general fund, special revenue funds, debt services funds, capital improvement funds and enterprise funds. The City Treasurer is also responsible for the accounting and financial reporting of the city’s water and wastewater utilities.

The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent combination of training and experience in Finance, Accounting, or other related field, with 3-5 years of accounting/bookkeeping experience. Municipal Accounting experience is preferred. Excellent Customer Service skills and experience with Microsoft Excel is also preferred. Competitive pay and excellent benefits are offered for this position.

Salary range $51,500 to $56,500, depending on Qualifications. EOE. No phone calls.


Serve as chief financial officer for the City.  Plan and direct the maintenance of City accounting records. Manage the City investment program. Maintain official records of City revenues, deposits and disbursements. Collect, receive, deposit and disburse monies due the City. Perform related work as required.

Policies and objectives are set by the City Commission.  Special assignments are made by the City Manager who is consulted on difficult work situations and on policy questions. This employee performs duties with considerable independence and is accountable for results. The work is usually checked through the review of final reposts and audits.

This employee directly supervises a small staff of clerical and accounting employees.

An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following (does not include all tasks employee may be expected to perform):

1.    Serve as chief financial officer for the City.
       a.    Assist in the compilation of the annual budget for consideration by the City Commission. Evaluate current revenue trends and forecast year. Participate in meetings to evaluate departmental requests, and assist the City Manager in compiling the final budget request to be presented to the City Commission.

      b.    Advise and assist the City Commission in its budget deliberations.  Attend budget hearings and meetings, research data, answer inquiries, and assist in the recording of budget determinations.

      c.    Develop and maintain a comprehensive system for monitoring and reporting the City’s receipts and expenditures.

      d.    Evaluate financial trends and, when necessary, recommend courses of action to bring the City budget in balance.

      e.    Represent the City at important financial meetings and conferences.

2.    Plan and direct the maintenance of City accounting records.
      a.    Develop and revise accounting systems to meet City requirements and public regulations.

      b.    Develop and implement computer programs to place manual accounting processes on the computer.

      c.    Supervise the maintenance of City accounting records, the compilation of reports, and assist in the resolution of difficult operational problems.

      d.    Participate in the selection, training and evaluation of subordinate staff.

      e.    Coordinate the annual audit of the City accounting system.

3.    Manage the City investment program.
      a.    Compile schedules of City funds available for investment.

      b.    Plan, schedule and invest City funds. Coordinate with operating fund requirements.

      c.    Supervise and coordinate payroll processing.

4.    Maintain records of City revenues, deposits, and disbursements.

      a.    Supervise the collection and balancing of daily cash receipts for water service, taxes and other City charges. Supervise the electronic banking procedures. Make bank deposits to proper accounts.

      b.    Transfer funds not immediately needed to cover City operating expenses as directed.

      c.    Prepare summary reports of receipts and disbursements.

      d.    Answer inquiries and complaints relating to City Treasury operations.

      e.    Coordinate treasury operations with those of other City departments.

      f.    Prepare treasury reports required by the State.

      g.    Prepare and process all office correspondence.

5.    Coordinate the preparation of billings for real and personal taxes and maintain records of their collection and disbursement.

      a.    Collect data on millage rates for each unit of government, and the state equalized valuation for classified property each year.

      b.    Collect summer and winter taxes revenue.  Maintain records on the delinquent tax revolving fund, and distribute money to the proper City, county or school accounts. Make billing changes and adjustments to the tax roll resulting from actions of the Board of Review.

      c.    Answer citizen inquires and provide information relative to departmental activities.

      d.    At the end of the current tax collection period prepare delinquent tax rolls.  Close and settle year’s tax records with the County Treasurer.

      e.    Prepare correspondence and take over action as may be necessary to collect delinquent personal property tax due to the City.

      6.    Handle insurance claims regarding city property.

      7.    Maintain a current job description manual.

      8.    Perform special projects as assigned by the City Manager.

      9.    Perform related work as required.


  • An employee in this role, upon appointment, should have the equivalent of the following knowledge, training and experience:
  • Knowledge of the professional principals and practices of public finance utilized in administering the City.
  • Knowledge of the professional practices of municipal accounting to effectively maintain the City accounting system.
  • Knowledge of basic computer science to utilize the City electronic date processing equipment in the account processes.
  • Knowledge of the techniques of investment management to control the investment programs of the City.
  • Knowledge of the laws, rules and policies governing City finance and accounting activities.
  • Knowledge of basic personnel management to recruit, train and evaluate the performance of subordinate staff.
  • Skill in compiling and evaluating complex financial data.
  • Skill in making oral and written presentations.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with public officials, fellow employees and the general public.
  • Required education includes a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent combination of training and work experience, in finance, accounting or a related field.
  • Required experience includes five years of progressive responsibility and experience in municipal finance administration, preferably including investment and electronic data processing.


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