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Buchanan's Tribute Tree Program

Our tree program allows families to honor loved ones in a unique and lasting way.

By planting a Memorial or Special Event Tree you will be giving special honor to a loved one as well as enhancing the beauty of Buchanan, Michigan.

The Buchanan Tree Friends will provide information for proper tree selection and available planting sites to ensure that your Tribute Tree will continue to thrive for many years to come.

Trees will be planted in the Spring and Fall.

Trees will be fitted with a customized tag with donation information and species of tree (see sample).

Approximate Tree Size: 2.5 inches in diameter and 6.5 - 7 feet tall.

Depending upon availability, tree selections include, but are not limited to the following varieties:

  • Crabapple, Purple Prince             Small
  • Crabapple, Sugar Tyme               Small
  • Dogwood, Asian                           Small*
  • Dogwood, Constellation               Small
  • Dogwood, Flowering                    Small*+
  • Hawthorn, Thornless Cockspur   Small
  • Lilac, Bejing Gold Peking            Small
  • Cherry, Sargent                           Medium
  • Cherry, Yoshino                           Medium
  • Elm, Lacebark                             Medium
  • Hornbeam, American                  Medium
  • Horsechestnut, Red                    Medium*
  • Magnolia, Saucer                        Medium*
  • Magnolia, Star                             Medium*
  • Magnolia, Umbrella                     Medium*
  • Maple, Miyabe                   Medium
  • Beech, American               Large*+
  • Elm, Hybrids                      Large
  • Ginkgo                               Large*
  • Hickory, Shellbark              Large*+  
  • Hornbeam, European        Large
  • Linden, Little Leaf              Large
  • Linden, Silver Leaf             Large
  • Maple, Red                        Large+
  • Maple, Sugar                     Large+
  • Oak, Chesnut                    Large+
  • Oak, Chinkapin                 Large +
  • Oak, Red                          Large+
  • Oak, White                       Large+

   * = Trees only for open areas    + = Native


Pricing: $175 per tree - includes planting of the tree, identification tag (see sample), personal certificate (view a sample certificate), and placement in our registry at City Hall.

HOW TO ORDER:  Order forms are available for pickup at City Hall. You may also download and print a  Tribute Tree Order Form and The Buchanan Tree Friend's Informational Brochure here.

For more details or questions call:
     Richard Martin, Chair, Buchanan Tree Friends 269.876.9578 or
     City Hall - Brenda Hess, Clerk: 269.695.3844 x17

Email: buchanantreefriends@gmail.com


If you would like to donate money to help reforest the City, please contact us at buchanantreefriends@gmail.com