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Buchanan Area Recreation Board aka BARB


The Goals Statement:
It is the mission of the Buchanan Area Recreation Board to plan, acquire, develop and maintain, in cooperation with the city, township, school district and all interested individuals and groups, a responsive, efficient and innovative community parks and recreation delivery system available to all citizens, composed of a variety of services, park areas and special facilities that contribute to the well-being of the individual, the family and the attractiveness, social and economic health of the greater Buchanan Community.


  • Be responsible to citizens needs.
  • Encourage citizen participation in decision making.
  • Assume responsibility for City level park and recreation services planning.
  • Cooperate with other government and recreation agencies, organizations and groups involved in leisure services.
  • Inform citizens of available services.
  • Provide balanced services at affordable prices.
  • Operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Operate within available resources.
  • Operate special facilities and activities on break-even basis.
  • Encourage citizen resource contributions.
  • Support efforts for economic growth.
  • Provide safe and secure parks and facility environment.
  • Attract and retain competent and service oriented personnel at competitive wages.
  • Increase physical beauty of all areas.
  • Work cooperatively with other community organizations to improve the quality of life of Buchanan residents.