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Q & A: Water Operations


Is my meter broken?:

A meter will slow down and stop if it is not working. Meters do not speed up.


How do I read the meter?

The meter is either numbers or dials and the meter is read from left to right.


How could I have used so much water?

If a water reading is an actual read, the water used at your house flowed through your meter. Check for leaks!


How do I check for leaks?

Leaks unchecked can drip hundreds of gallons of water wastefully down the drain. A little detective work can catch these leaks easily. Check your toilets, faucets, outside taps and sprinkler systems.

  • Put 15 drops of food coloring in the tank of the toilet and do not flush the toilet. After one (1) hour, check the bowl and if the colored water leaked through to the bowl, there is a leak in the toilet.
  • Write down the numbers on your meter at night before you go to bed. Do not use any water. In the morning, check the meter again. If the numbers have advanced without using any water, there is a leak in the system and a plumber should be called.


Will you really shut my water off?

Yes. A shut off notice will be mailed to you the third Wednesday of the month warning of this possability.


If you shut my water off, do I owe any other charges?

Yes, we require full payment of the past due balance and $80.00 turn-off/turn-on charge.


Do you offer any payment/extension agreements?

Yes, Please call City Hall Wter Billing, 269-695-3846, ext. 11, to make arrangments if your situation is critical.


If I have a pool, can I get a credit for filling up my pool in the spring?

Yes, you are eligible to receive a credit for the sewer portion only from the recorded usage on your meter prior to and after the pool fill is complete. You must call our office prior to beginning the pool fill process and give us the starting meter read number. After you have completed filling your pool, call us back with the meter read number. We will credit your next water billing according to the usage calculated from the meter readings. ONLY ONE POOL FILL ADJUSTMENT ALLOWED PER YEAR.


When will I get my sprinkler meter billing?

We mail out sprinkler meter billings annually every September.


Who should I call if I'm moving?

Please remember to call our office at 695-3846 to schedule a final reading which will generate a final billing on the next regular scheduled billing cycle.