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Buchanan Area Recreation Board (BARB)

The BARB has representatives from the City, Buchanan Township and the Buchanan Community Schools, who oversee programming and capital improvements at the City’s various park and recreation facilities.

BARB is charged with the development and implementation of the City’s Park and Recreation Master Plan, and in recent years has been furnished with City funds for capital improvements at park facilities throughout the community. Parks and recreation programs are an important component of Buchanan’s quality of life, and both the City Commission and the Recreation Board have committed themselves to upgrading and beautifying Buchanan’s park facilities.

Number of Members: 7
Term: 3 years staggered
Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall

Current Members:

  • Sean Denison
    Commissioner Representative
  • Heather Grace
    City Manager Appointment
  • Bethany Cowan
    Term ends 2019
  • Ashley Hanson
    Term ends 2020
  • Dave Perez
    Term ends 2020
  • Brittany Frantz
    Term ends 2021
  • Megan Weedon
    Term ends 2021


BARB Sub Committees:


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