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May 13, 2019 Agenda

MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019
7:00 p.m.

I.    Call to Order
II.    Pledge of Allegiance/ Invocation

III.    Recognition
A.    Emily Long, Organizer/Leader of McCoy’s Creek Trail Clean Up, Accompanied by Scout BSA Troop 541, Troop 572, and Venturing Crew 593
B.    Officers Schmitz and Cullum of the Buchanan City Police Department – and Members of SMCAS - Commendation for Life Saving
C.    Retirement of Officer Carmen Bovo - 18 Years of Dedicated Service to the Buchanan City Police Department

IV.    Roll Call 
V.    Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any agenda item)

VI.    Consent Calendar
A.    Approve Agenda
B.    Approve Minutes: Regular Scheduled Meeting April 22, 2019*
C.    Approve Minutes: Work Session May 7, 2019 with Michigan Rural Water Association*
D.    Approve Invoices/Expenditures for May 13, 2019 in the amount of $98,052.79
E.    Approval of Resolution 2019.05/194 – Adopt 80%/20% Employer/Employee Heath Care Cost Option as set forth in 2011 Public Act 152, The Publicly Funded Health Insurance Contribution Act*
F.    Approve Cyndi Roberts appointment to Downtown Development Authority Board
G.    Approve Joe Paolucci appointment to Downtown Development Authority Board
H.    Approve Jeremy Frame appointment to Downtown Development Authority Board
I.    Excuse Mayor Moore from Special Meeting – March 29, 2019
J.    Excuse Commissioner Downey from Regular Meeting – April 22, 2019

VII.    Reports by: Departments, Committees, Boards
A.    Report on Buchanan’s Annual Spring Clean-Up – Diana Selir, Buchanan City Police Department

VIII.    Unfinished Business
A.    Review Contract Extension with Republic Services
B.    Approval of Resolution 2019.05/193 – Adopt a Budget for the City of Buchanan for Fiscal Year 2019-2020*

IX.    New Business
A.    Hear presentation by John Buek, representative from Indiana Michigan Power (AEP) regarding the Public Efficient Street Lighting Program
B.    Approve Contract with Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc. for Leachate Treatment Rate Study not to exceed $4,000.00*

X.    Public Comments (Citizens are allowed up to three (3) minutes to discuss any non-agenda item)

XI.    City Manager Comments

XII.    Commissioners Comments

XIII.    Closed Session: Closed session for permissible purposes.  To consider materials exempt from discussion or disclosure by State Statue CL 15.268.
A.     Consider Approval of Closed Session Minutes of April 22, 2019 – Medical Marijuana Permit Renewal – Om of Buchanan, LLC

XIV.    Adjournment

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