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March 11, 2019 Minutes

City of Buchanan Commission Minutes
March 11, 2019

The Public Hearing was called to order at 7:00 p.m. to hear public comments on the proposed Ordinance 2019.03/411 to Amend Article IV-Cross Connections, Chapter 102 Utilities in the City of Buchanan Code of Ordinances. 

Debra discussed the Ordinance to correct some out of date language in our Ordinance for the Department of Environmental Quality. 

Public Comments Regarding Ordinance: Norma Ferris: Requested an introduction of the Ordinance.

Hearing no further comments or receipt of any written comments, the Mayor adjourned the public hearing at 7:02 p.m.

The regularly scheduled meeting of the City Commission was held at City Hall, 302 N Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan Monday, March 11, 2019 and was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Mayor Moore.  The Mayor led the Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Dan Bartz gave the invocation.

Roll Call
Present: Mayor Moore, Commissioners Denison, Downey, Toerne and Weedon
Absent: None
Guests:  Tim Donahue, Superintendent of Buchanan Schools, and Andy Campbell of Umbaugh and Associates.
Also in attendance:  Bill Marx, City Manager; Debra Patzer, City Zoning Administrator; Juli O’Bryant, City Treasurer; Craig Miller, Water Department; and Brenda Hess, City Clerk

Public Comments 

Norma Ferris: Requested items from the Consent Calendar be published in The Paper.

Consent Calendar:
Toerne moved, seconded by Denison to amend the consent calendar.  Roll Call vote carried unanimously. 

Toerne moved, seconded by Weedon to approve the amended Consent Calendar.  Roll Call vote carried unanimously.

•    Approve Agenda
•    Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of February 25, 2019
•    Approve Annual Planning Meeting Minutes of March 2, 2019
•    Approve Invoices/Expenditures for 3-11-19 in the amount of $258,265.27
•    Approve Banner placement, School Farm Plow Day and Pancake Breakfast
•    Approve budget amendment in the amount of $178,044.00 for 2019 snowplow, as previously approved at the August 13, 2018 City Commission meeting
•    Approve the release of portable Toilet Facility bid process

Reports by: Departments, Committees, Boards

A.    Buchanan Community Schools Facility Needs-Tim Donahue, Superintendent – Reviewed facilities needs assessment, concerns with present facilities, and potential costs of upgrades.
B.    Water Department – Sample of the Water Department’s Wellhead Protection Presentation to the Buchanan Area Schools – Craig Miller, City of Buchanan Water Operator - Reviewed Wellhead Protection lessons used at Ottawa, Moccasin and Buchanan Middle Schools as part of the Wellhead Protection grant. National Water Week will be in May. Provided sample “aquafer” treats to Commission members and guests. Reminded all that protecting our water supply is vitally important.

Unfinished Business

A.    Second Reading and Approval of the proposed Ordinance 2019.03/411 to Amend Article IV-Cross Connections, Chapter 102 Utilities in the City of Buchanan Code of Ordinances. Debra Patzer provided the second reading of the Ordinance and reviewed the changes in language required by the Department of Environmental Quality. Toerne moved, seconded by Weedon to approve Ordinance 2019.3/411 as written.  Roll Call vote carried unanimously.

New Business

A.    Presentation of funding options for the Waste Water Treatment Plant’s oxidation ditch - Andy Campbell, Manager with Umbaugh & Associates. Commented on the City paying off the 2000 Series Bonds early providing savings of $12,450.00.  Reviewed options for bonding of new oxidation ditch.  Possibility of increased revenue for acceptance of septage and leachate at the new facility was noted. Thirty-year bonding option lacks significant savings for residents.  Twenty- and twenty-five-year bonding options were presented. Indicated possibility of future USDA grants if rates reach a certain threshold, but presently the oxidation ditch project does not meet requirements for these grants.  Additional information shared regarding funding options for roads and other projects.

Public Comments

Randall Peart-Commented on the possibility of getting student help to landscape the catch basin at the end of the High School parking lot, and a fallen tree in the creek.Dan Vigansky-Commented on contact information on City website, Channel 17 content, and thanked Commissioners for decision made at previous meeting regarding fire equipment.Norma Ferris-Encouraged Commission to examine roads on the north end of the City.

City Manager Comments

Thanked Craig Miller for presentation.  Reminded everyone of budget workshop and noted it would be rescheduled.

Commissioners’ Comments

Denison-No comments
Downey-Expressed interest in obtaining grants for road projects.
Toerne-Inquired about drive through medical marijuana provisioning centers. Met with Representative Brad Paquette to discuss road funding, and revenue sharing with municipalities, and indicated there would be compromises at the State Level. Thanked City Manager for new hires at City Hall.
Weedon-No comments
Moore-Thanked Andy Campbell for projecting his report for everyone to see.  Thanked Clerk for minutes.

Closed Session

Downey moved, seconded by Toerne to move to a closed session under MCL 15.268 closed sessions; permissible purpose to approve the minutes of the closed session of February 25 regarding the renewal of Medical Marijuana Permits-Redbud Roots at 9:07 p.m. Roll call vote carried unanimously. 

The Mayor reconvened the meeting at 9:09 p.m.

Toerne moved to move to approve the minutes of the closed session of February 25. Downey seconded. Roll call vote carried unanimously. 

Downey moved, seconded by Weedon to adjourn the meeting at 9:09 p.m. Voice vote carried unanimously.

_______________________________                    _____________________________    
Mayor Patricia A. Moore DPM                           City Clerk Brenda J. Hess

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