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2019-2020 Commission Priorities Approved 3-25-2019

2019-2020 City Commission Priorities

•    Crosswalks need repainting
•    Webcams
•    Code Enforcement
•    Law enforcement surrounding new marijuana laws both medical/recreational marijuana
•    McCoy’s Creek Trail security- lights, cameras, and police call boxes
•    Visibility at Front and Main intersection
•    Police vehicle maintenance and age of squad cars
•    Pay Fire Department at events where they volunteer
•    Safety of community/citizens
•    Continued visibility of Police Department
•    Increase number of Firefighters trained as EMTs

•    Repaving, not patching our streets
•    Update our downtown area buildings and roads
•    Limit the number of marijuana businesses (recreational) to decrease the potential negatives while working on the benefits to all citizens.    
•    Increased business diversity
•    DPW/Fire Station/Police Combination
•    Communication for Commission.  Briefing needs to be at a more basic level.
•    Make a briefing available with the agenda for the public
•    Use wise approach to infrastructure challenges
•    Continue “quality of life” efforts land upgrade Summer Thrill on the Hill
•    New wastewater oxidation ditch will benefit public for years to come
•    Ideas that might benefit while we replace aging infrastructure such as burying power lines
•    New and improved relationship with DDA

•    Continued support of marijuana industries
•    Promote schools
•    Support of Fire Department volunteers
•    City website improvements
•    Full time person to lead economic development
•    Needs Buchanan Community Schools need of $25,000,000 for improvements
•    Pie charts of where your taxes are going
•    Promote and retain current businesses both inside and outside DDA area
•    Promoting the Promise and the efforts of the Gateway Community Foundation
•    Support of local people in need of education and jobs
•    Recruitment of physician to Buchanan through Gateway Foundation’s Unity Fund 
•    Local services needed for families
•    Promote the City app
•    Evaluation of relationship with SMEGA 

•    Build new DPW building
•    New waste water plant
•    Increased safety training and implement signoff sheets for training and safety
•    Preventative instead of reactive maintenance of City equipment
•    Sidewalk improvement
•    Grants obtained for various city projects
•    Create a board of volunteers to help with Code violators
•    Lighting in City
•    Decrease blight-code enforcement stepped up, proactive, and applied evenly/consistently
•    Mayor exchange with another municipality
•    Mini-grants for residents who are indigent to bring homes up to code
•    Consider needs of aging residents and their ability to care for their homes

•    Bridging the gap of inclusion with all residents in City activities
•    Upgrade ballfields
•    Synthetic ice rink
•    Family park with pavilion and increase park maintenance
•    Lights at Duck Pond
•    Trees at Common to help with drainage
•    Increase the amount of salmon in creek
•    More activities for kids/teens
•    Neighborhood representatives reporting to Commission regarding issues important to their neighborhoods
•    Tie creek and trail into downtown area
•    Diversification of Boards and Committees
•    Diversity Ordinance
•    Live stream duck with Go-Pro and start Friends of Buchanan Ducks
•    Upgrade Ross-Sanders and consider museum/visitor center
•    Promote Mill Alley project to connect Common area to downtown

•    Update of the 10-year Master Plan
•    Use website to educate people regarding taxes
•    Inclusion of all groups in Buchanan
•    Educate people about the myth of high Buchanan taxes

Approved by City Commission: March 25, 2019

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