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2020 Election Information

Welcome to the City of Buchanan 2020 Elections Information page. 2020 is a very busy year for elections.  Please check back here often for important information updates regarding elections in the City.

Right now this section of the website will focus on voter registration and absentee voting.  Closer to the March 10, 2020 election, there will be more detailed information. Please note:  The March 10 election is a Closed Presidential Primary.  You will need to choose a ballot for one of the two major political parties.

Will 2020 be your first time voting? You might have a lot of questions.  The most important thing is you need to be registered.  Need help with registration? No worries! Let's get started!

REGISTERING:  How do I know if I am registered to vote?  Click here for the Secretary of State website where you can check to see if you are registered. Since Proposition 3 passed, you might have been automatically registered to vote when you visited a Secretary of State branch to get a driver's licence, or a State identification card. 

Help! I found out I'm not registered!  That's ok. Registering to vote has never been easier with the passage of Proposition 3.  You can now register right from your computer or smart phone by clicking hereDon't like giving out your personal information on the computer?  That's OK, you can print an application here, fill it out and bring it to City Hall and give it to the City Clerk.  She'll take it from there.

I heard I can register to vote up to and on Election Day.  Is this true?  YES! But you'll want to do it in advance to be prepared.  But fear not, if you didn't register in advance, we can help...even on Election Day. We want to be sure everyone who wants to vote and is eligible to vote gets to. We'll post more information about how to register close to and on Election Day with related deadlines soon.  But trust us, you'll want to register as early as you can.

ABSENTEE VOTING:  I want to vote, but I have to be out of town on Election Day.  I have to work on Election Day and can't make it in to the precinct to vote.  I want to vote, but I don't want to come into the polling place.  Do I have to vote at my polling place?  No worries!  The State of Michigan now has NO REASON absentee voting to make it easier for anyone to vote absentee. You can have the Clerk send you an absentee ballot request form here which will add you to our permanent absentee voter list. Wait, what do you mean by request?  Can't you just send me an absentee ballot before every election?  Sorry, but we will never automatically send you a blank ballot.  Before every election you will need to fill out an application for an absentee ballot. You can't be denied an absentee ballot, we just need the request form so we know you still live at the same address and don't send out blank ballots to unintended recipients. If you fill out the form at the above link, you'll automatically get an application before each election. Just return the completed application and you'll get your ballot.

What if I sign up for an absentee ballot and I change my mind and decide to vote at the polling place?  Some people change their mind and that's totally OK. When the application comes, just ignore it and come to your regular polling place on the day of the election.  If you already received your absentee ballot, call or email the Clerk and she'll tell you what to do. Her email is bpitcher@cityofbuchanan.com and her phone is 269.695.3844 x17.  Everyone is entitled to vote the way they choose.

I've decided I want to cancel my voter registration. How do I do that? Occasionally someone decides they no longer want to vote and that's ok too.  You will need to fill out a voter registration cancellation form and return it to the Clerk.  And no worries, if you cancel your registration, you can always reinstate it at any point in the future.  Please call or email the Clerk for more information regarding the canceling of your voter registration. Her contact information is listed above.

Thanks for visiting this page and please check back often for more information.