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Cemetery Information
Buchanan, Michigan Oak Ridge Cemetery
Oak Ridge Cemetery has a total of 45 acres, of which 35 are developed,
with 10 acres available in the near future.
Winter decorations may be maintained from November 1st through April 1st.  If winter decorations are not removed by April 2nd, they will be considered abandoned, and will be disposed of.  Summer decorations may be maintained from April 15th through October 1st.  If summer decorations are not remeoved by October 2nd, they will be considered abandoned, and will be disposed of.

Buchanan Cemetery The cemetery is maintained by two (2) full time city employees, with assistance from part time employees during summer mowing, and fall leaf removal. Burials, funeral assistance, and foundation installations are also performed by city employees.

Where do I go to transfer grave spaces?

    • The Cemetery Supervisor can assist you with a Deed Transfer at the Cemetery, please call for an appointment at 269-695-3971.  The Clerks Office can also assist with a deed transfer. The cost is $25.00. Call 695-3844, stop by City Hall-302 N. Redbud Trail or email gbybee@cityofbuchanan.com.
    • Click here for Deed Transfer Form and submit it to the Clerks Office. 


Buchanan Michigan Cemetery
During winter months, cemetery staff perform snow removal and ice control around city buildings and sidewalks, as well as tree trimming and removal.

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