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Friends of Oak Ridge Cemetery
The Friends of Oak Ridge Cemetery was started in April 2003 and work with the Cemetery Supervisor on special projects.  They spend numerous hours cleaning and repairing grave stones, conducting Cemetery Walks and have published a "census" of persons buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  This board born the beautiful entryway arch sign on Front Street into the Cemetery. Their mission is "Preserving Our Heritage".  Past issues of the Friends of Oak Ridge Cemetery Newsletter are available on the Buchanan Preservation Society web site: www.preservebuchanan.org
Most of the newsletter is devoted to article about the history of Buchanan.  There is a multi-year index to the newsletter on the web site.

Number of Board Members: 5 to 7
Term: 4 years
Meetings: Third Tuesday from May to September, 7:00 p.m. at 1st Presbyterian Church at 115 W. Front Street

Current Members:

 President Bob Brown   2003-2018
Secretary Donna Lace   2003-2015
  vacant   2015
  Todd Pierce   2011-2018
  Pat Moore   2010-2017
  Tom Lister    2010-2017


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