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Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Downtown Development Tax Increment Finance and Development Plan, 2015 Amendment

Charged with formulating policy and planning public improvements to spur development in Buchanan’s central business district, state law has established DDA’s as the prime vehicle for promoting economic development in downtown areas across Michigan. Examples of possible DDA activities include the formulation of downtown development, parking, beautification plans, the conducting of market studies, promotion of special events, and technical assistance to downtown businesses to help them remain competitive in today’s economy.
The DDA works closely with other community development groups, Chamber of Commerce, Common Committee, Farmers Market Board, Preservation Society, Joint Committee, Friends of McCoy's Creek Trail Committee and the Buchanan Garden Club.

Number of Members: 09
Term: 4 years staggered
Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall

Current Members:

 Chairman Sherrie Daniel   2013-2017
 Secretary Jerry Flenar   Chamber of Commerce President
Chamber Designee Randy Henddrixson   Chamber Director
  Brenda Hess   Commission Representative
Vice-Chairman Barbara Wallace   2016-2020
  Carla Cole   Mayor
  Matthew Thorton   2016-2017
  William Cameron   2010-2018
  Kevin Barker   Term ends 2019
  Penny Slocum-Correa   2016-2020
 Director Debra Patzer    


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