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Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is charged with the development and adoption of a City Master Plan, and advising the City Commission on zoning and land use ordinances related to the implementation of that plan. The Plan Commission also has the responsibility for conducting public hearings on rezoning requests, and for conducting site plan reviews for proposed commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential developments.

Number of Members: 7
Term: 3 years staggered
Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at City Hall

Current Members:

  Kevin Barker   2010-2017
  Richard Gault   1996-2017
  Curt Plomb   2015-2018
Chairman Jason Lietz   1998-2016
  Vanessa Burns   2017-2018
  Ralph McDonald   2002-2019
  Dale Toerne    City Commissioner
  Dan Vigansky   City Commissioner

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